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The importance of appointing a Professional Insurance Outsourcer

As per the Nature and Status of the bilateral contractual relation between insurer and insured we should underline the importance of dealing with an Insurance broker as a much more beneficiary solution for Administrating, Managing, and Controlling the Insurance files in order to reduce costs and most importantly avoiding the blemish, disequilibrium and unbalance between the two contractual parties.

1- Conflict of Interest:

First, we should emphasize on the concept of this Conflict existing between Insurer and Insured. The Insurer wishes to provide the least possible coverage at the highest rates, whereas the Insured aims to get the widest possible coverage at the cheapest possible rates. This is where we, as Consultants, interfere to manage that compromise between both parties, by providing the Insured with the coverage and rates he looks for and by supporting both parties by the implementation of a Risk Management Plan.

2- Lack of Equity:

The Insurance Company has experts who write the Policy’s Wording, Conditions and Terms in order to negotiate it with the Insured who, in return, is often unaware and/or characterized by lower expertise of the technical tricks and gaps that may be used and inserted. This is when we interfere to offer our Proficiency, Expertise, and Know-How to our client and reach the Weighing Scale, Balance, Equilibrium between Insurer and Insured.

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